What to Expect of your Express Visit

Virtual visit for your orthopedic pain

Booking your Express visit is easy

Sano Orthopedics new Express Visits provides immediate access to an orthopedic specialist from the comfort of your home.  These virtual (telehealth) visits have been created to provide guidance on where to start your orthopedic treatment. 

We have 2 ways to book an Express appointment: 

  1. Call Us. Call our main office line 816 525-2840. For same day appointments, patients will be asked to pay the $25 fee when booking. 
  2. Book online.  We post available Express appointments online. Please note the schedule availability is intended to be accurate but may fluctuate based on volume of appointments being booked online or via phone. 

Here’s what to expect after choosing an appointment: 

  • After your booking information is received either on the phone or online, you will receive an email confirmation with visit details.
  • 10 minutes prior to your appointment, you will receive a text message with a link to start your visit. You can also access your visit from the link in your confirmation email.
  • Patients making a same day appointments over the phone will pay the $25 when booking. For others, a Sano team member will call you prior to checking into your appointment. Patients can expect this call 30 min to 5 min prior to appointment time, pending when the visit was booked.

Here’s what to expect during your Express visit: 

  • Your Express visit is a video visit with our orthopedic specialist. Joining the televisit is easy!  To start your visit, you need good internet connection, a private setting, desktop, tablet, computer or phone with access to a microphone and camera.
  • There are 2 ways to start your visit. One, click the link ni the confirmation email. Or, click the link in the text reminder. This text reminder is 10 min prior to your appointment.
  • By clicking one of these secure links, you will start your visit. You will answer a few questions and then enter the virtual waiting room until the Sano Provider starts the meeting.  This telehealth appointment utilizes Sano’s Patient Portal, which ensures a secure connection.
  • If we’re having technical issues connecting with you, we’ll call you. 
  • A Sano Orthopedic Surgeon or Physician Assistant will talk to you about your injury and make recommendations for next treatment steps.*   

*Depending on your injury and diagnosis, we may recommend further follow-up treatment with Sano immediately or another date, an emergency department or another physician. Some limitations exist to virtual visits, but our goal is to provide orthopedic expertise on what to do next. The Express visits are intented for non-life threatening orthopedic injuries. It is not intended for non-orthopedic injuries or orthopedic trauma. Examples of orthopedic trauma include open wounds and lacerations, head/facial injuries, major dislocations, chest injuries, infections, and initial visits after motor vehicle accidents. If you’re injury is non-orthopedic, please call your primary care physician or visit an urgent care; for emergencies, please call 911 or visit the nearest hospital. This service is currently available to patients located in Kansas, Missouri. This service is currently available for patients age 12+ and spine age 18+. We do not accept insurance for the Express visits. 

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Check out our Common FAQs. If you have more questions, a member of our care team will be happy to assist. Please give us a call at 816-525-2840.

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