Hip Injuries

Orthopedic Hip Injuries & Conditions


As one of the body’s largest joints, the hip joint is used as a tool for movement as one goes forward and backward. In addition, the hip joint will rotate when sitting and changing direction while walking and running. Because it is a tool that is used predominantly for our mobility, hip pain can be felt with most movements regardless of your lifestyle.

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Common Hip Conditions and Injuries

Hip Scope / Arthroscopy

Much like a knee or shoulder scope, it is a surgery that allows us to look inside the joint utilizing small incisions and instruments. We can use it to diagnose and correct problems that cause hip pain.

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Hip Replacements

Total hip replacement is an advanced and effective orthopedic procedure. It treats a variety of hip conditions and injuries that cause pain and decrease hip function and quality of life. Hip pain patients are encouraged to make an appointment with a Sano Orthopedics hip specialist to find out if total hip replacement is an appropriate treatment option.

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Anterior Hip Replacement

The anterior approach to total hip replacement surgery is a hip replacement technique and alternative to the traditional total hip replacement surgery. This newer technique offers many benefits, such as quicker recovery and less pain.

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Hip Fractures

The major differentiation for a fracture in comparison to all of the aforementioned injuries is that a fracture signifies a break in the bone. Although typically very small, these fractures can result in a large amount of pain and potential complications.

There are several different types of fractures that a person can have, such as:

  • An oblique fracture
  • A stable fracture
  • A compound fracture
  • A comminuted fracture
  • A transverse fracture

It is important to seek professional treatment for a fracture in order to set the bone properly before it begins to heal. A bone that has healed abnormally will almost certainly cause long-term pain and discomfort for the patient.

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We know that surgery isn’t always necessary and is certainly not the first or only method of treatment. Our goal is to relieve pain and help restore the proper function and alignment of the hip with a treatment plan that fits your need. Our qualified team takes their extensive training and puts it to use to develop a unique treatment plan for you.  You can be confident in the approach our team takes in returning you to your activity goals.

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