Needle Arthroscopy

The future is here!

 Needle Arthroscopy

What is needle arthroscopy? This new technology is an innovative procedure utilized by our physicians that is rapidly changing the way orthopedics is practiced. This hand-held arthroscope (as we often refer to as a camera on a needle) allows our surgeons to perform many common orthopedic surgeries without the use of general anesthesia or even the use of a scalpel.  No incisions, no suture!

Needle arthroscopy is associated with minimal pain and offers significant costs savings. The future is here!


We are utilizing Needle Arthroscopy in 2 ways: for diagnosing injuries and conditions inside the joint (we refer to this as in-office arthroscopy or diagnostic needle imaging) and for surgical care of certain orthopedic conditions (Needle Arthroscopy).

Traditional Arthroscopy

Traditional arthroscopy uses 4 mm instruments for most joints, requires an incision and incision closure, and most of the time is used under general anesthesia.  While traditional arthroscopy is considered a relatively safe procedure with a 1% complication rate, there are still opportunities for improvement in order to decrease risks, decrease down time, and decrease costs.

Needle Arthroscopy Benefits

The technology of needle arthroscopy, while in its infancy, is allowing us to perform many common orthopedic procedures without making an incision and under local anesthesia.  This allows us to reduce the risks of the procedure, reduce the time until full recovery, and re-defines  “minimally invasive” surgery.


This technique is an option for patients suffering from many common orthopedic conditions such as meniscus injuries in the knee and biceps injuries to the shoulder. There are many conditions that the technology can treat, and it is important to discuss what treatment is most appropriate for you with your physician.

Risks, Side Effects, Coverage

While most patients can be performed under local anesthesia, some patients may require general anesthesia. Occasionally, it is found during the needle arthroscopy that the pathology in the knee would best be treated with traditional instrumentation, which we have prepared for every case. This procedure cannot be performed on patients with an active infection.  Patients have tolerated the procedure very well, but it is still surgery and patients should ease into recovery. It is important to note that every patient is different, and pain may be variable.  

Most major insurance carriers cover the procedure as it is the same procedures that exist but using smaller instruments. Needle Arthroscopy is typically more cost effective than traditional arthroscopy because of the decreased surgical time and faster recovery. 

What’s Next

Sano Orthopedics is the first orthopedic practice in Kansas City to utilize this technology for diagnosing and treating injuries and Dr. Daggett is part of the physician team designing the equipment and teach other surgeons on how to perform the procedures. We are committed to technique innovation and transparency in results, both of which needle arthroscopy exemplifies.  Not only does it offer so many benefits to our patients today, this is just the tip of the iceberg on what we foresee in treating orthopedic conditions.  We are constantly learning new and better ways to improve the lives of our patients, and we believe the future of this technology will change healthcare for the better!

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