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What is an Ortho Express Visit?

Sano Orthopedics Introduces Express Virtual Visits

Sano Orthopedics introduced Express Visits to provide immediate access to an orthopedic specialist from the comfort of your home.  These virtual (telehealth) visits have been created to provide guidance on where to start your orthopedic treatment.  These appointments are intended for new patient consults or past Sano patients with a new injury. While it is not suitable for all orthopedic injuries, it can provide guidance for many experiencing pain without the need for an in-person visit. To provide more flexibility to patients, Sano created these video visits.

Does Sano take insurance?

Express visits are self-pay only.  This means we do not accept insurance for this visit type.  However, for all of our in-office visits, we do take most major insurances.  Contact our office if you have any insurance questions.

What happens if I need an x-ray?

Given the nature of a virtual visit, we may recommend you come into the office for immediate or follow-up care, which would include an x-ray.  For immediate needs, we have availability through our urgent care in Lee’s Summit. If not urgent, we can schedule a follow-up office visit for you.

Is this a telehealth appointment?

Yes, it is a telehealth appointment. This new virtual visit has been created to provide guidance on where to start your orthopedic treatment. It is for new patients or new injuries only. If you’re an existing Sano patient, please contact our office for scheduling.  We offer telehealth for existing patients as well.

Do you have Express in both Lee’s Summit & Overland Park? 

Sano Express is an online telehealth visit with an orthopedic specialist. Patients can attend these visits from the comfort of their home. To set up an appointment, patient’s main address must be in Kansas or Missouri. For recommended follow-up visits, we have clinics in both Overland Park, KS and Lee’s Summit, MO. If your orthopedic specialist recommends that you follow up in our Urgent Care for immediate evaluation, our urgent care is located in Lee’s Summit, MO.   

Is this billed to insurance? 

We are not able to bill your insurance or 3rd party for reimbursement for this visit.  It is a service provided by our office to provide guidance on how to proceed next on your orthopedic concerns. A $25 fee is associated with this visit and will have to be paid prior to proceeding with the appointment.  If you are recommended to make a follow-up appointment, we offer both self-pay and insurance fees for those appointments. 

Can I get a prescription? 

The Specialist may provide general guidelines on over the counter medications. However, no medications can be prescribed or sent to your pharmacy until you have been seen in person for a full physical and exam in our clinic for this condition. 

Is there an age limit? 

For spine injuries, patients must be age 18 or older. For other orthopedic injuries, patients must be 12 or older.  Those under the age of 18 will need to have a legal adult present during the encounter and the legal guardian will have to provide permission and set up the appointment.  

Who will I be having my express appointment with? 

Express visits are scheduled with one of Sano’s orthopedic surgeons or orthopedic physician assistants.  We have clinical staff who support them in the process.  

Can I get a note to be off work or school? 

Work and school notes cannot be provided unless seen in office by one of the providers. These appointments are to assist in helping to identify potential pathologies which may be occurring, but a formal evaluation is needed to make a diagnosis for the patient to provide an excuse note for work or school. 

How long will the appointment last?  

Appointment times may vary based on the patient but a typical appointment can be expected to last about 15 minutes.  

What happens if you cannot treat my issue?  

The provider will attempt to provide the best direction of care possible for you in your virtual visit. Unfortunately, limitations to the diagnosis and treatment exist due to the nature of the video visit. For instance, your recommended treatment may not be able to be serviced by one of our specialists.  Or, if the injury requires immediate attention, our provider may recommend you visit an emergency department. If this is the case, the provider will give information on where to go next for further evaluation and treatment.  

What if I miss my appointment? 

Please call our office to cancel or reschedule prior to your appointment time.    

What is the difference between an Urgent care appointment and an Express appointment? 

Ortho Urgent Care appointments are inoffice evaluations in an expedited manner to start care for your orthopedic injuries. These walk-in appointments are currently available in our Lee’s Summit, MO office.

Express Appointments are fast and convenient telehealth appointments. We direct people on where to start with their orthopedic concerns. These take place as a virtual visit (think video conference) and are available same day or next day Monday through Friday.  Due to the nature of the virtual visit, the Express Visit can be limited on the services provided, such as lack of x-ray.   

Is this appointment in person or a telehealth appointment? How do I access this appointment? 

This appointment is set up as a telehealth appointment, which is a video conference between just you and an orthopedic specialist. Your visit takes place through Sano Orthopedics’ patient portal, which ensures a secure connection. Links to join your meeting will be sent to you :15 prior to your scheduled appointment time. You will enter the virtual waiting room until the Sano Provider starts the meeting.  If we’re having technical issues connecting with you, we’ll call you. Please ensure you are in a secure location with a good internet connection. 

Our office does offer office appointments which can be regularly scheduled appointments with one of our providers or you can schedule or walk in for an Urgent Care appointment. 

What happens if my televisit is not working? 

If we’re having technical issues connecting with you, we’ll call you. Please ensure you are in a secure location with a good internet connection. 

Are you able to send a referral out for my problem?  

Our providers are able to provide direction on where to begin for your orthopedic concern. Unfortunately, until you are seen in office for this condition and established as a patient, we cannot sent a referral. Some of the follow up directions will not require a follow up and you may be able to contact or go to the facility without one. Some treatment directions will require a referral (i.e. imaging, physical therapy, some insurance requirements).  

How can I get records of what is discussed? 

Patients can request a copy of all medical records by contacting our office at (816)525-2840 to request a copy. Established patients may also have access through the patient portal. 

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