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Sano Highlights from 2022

Sano Highlights from 2022

2022 HighlightsWe are excited about the opportunities and growth planned for 2023. The foundation laid in 2022 has set us up for the year ahead. But, before we jump into 2022, we take a moment to highlight 2022. Book Online We have a number of ways you can schedule an...

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New! Needle Arthroscopy

Learn more why we are utilizing this new technology for our patients. Needle Arthroscopy allows our surgeons to perform many common orthopedic surgeries without the use of general anesthesia or even the use of a scalpel.  No incisions, no suture.

Sano Orthopedics is the first orthopedic practice in Kansas City to utilize this technology for diagnosing and treating injuries. 

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