Athletic Trainers: Providing Healthcare Everywhere

March is National Athletic Training Month. It is an opportunity to explain how athletic trainers are health care professionals that prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate injuries in a wide variety of industries. Sano Orthopedics employs certified athletic trainers in our clinic, utilizing the full scope of their training and capabilities.  Aaron Patterson, certified Athletic Trainer at Sano Orthopedics, helps explain the potential and benefit of using ATs in healthcare. 

Athletic Training Profession

When people hear “athletic trainer” they either think of a personal trainer/someone who specializes in exercise and fitness. Alternatively, they think of athletic trainers as the people on the sidelines at sports games with band-aids and water bottles. The athletic training profession expands beyond that. Athletic trainers are trained in the following areas: Injury and Illness Prevention and Wellness Promotion, Examination, Assessment and Diagnosis of Injuries and Illness, Immediate and Emergency Care, Therapeutic Intervention, Healthcare Administration, and Professional Responsibility. Because of the wide array of skill sets athletic trainers possess, they can be a central and integral part of any athlete’s or physically active individual’s care. This makes them a great fit for orthopedics.

Proactive Care

Injury and illness prevention and wellness promotion are lacking within general Western medicine. The focus of healthcare is typically reactive instead of proactive. Sano was founded to transform the delivery of musculoskeletal care, and athletic trainers play a critical role in this transformation. Athletic trainers can help any physically active individuals, while being under the guidance of an overseeing physician, with multiple aspects of their health and wellness such as exercise, nutrition, mental health, and sleep. These factors will not always prevent injury or illness, but they can help individuals become more resilient to injury and illness. Athletes strive to be at the top of their game, and they do this by optimizing their exercise, nutrition, mental health, and sleep. The general population can benefit from the same type of care. Athletic trainers are well-equipped to help physically active individuals build resiliency to injury as well as promote overall wellness. 

aaron patterson, athletic trainer

What some athletes don’t know is that athletic trainers can also help with injury prevention and overall wellness. Athletic trainers can help provide exercise/rehab programs, nutrition tips, rest/recovery tips, mental health tips and much more to help their athletes stay away from injury. Ask athletic trainers about ways they can help you live the lifestyle you want.

– Aaron Patterson, Certified Athletic Trainer at Sano Orthopedics

Future of Orthopedics: Preventing Future Injuries

At Sano Orthopedics, we care about helping people through their injuries and equipping them to prevent future injuries. We believe the future of orthopedics should be focused on prevention and wellness, not only on fixing injuries.

We incorporate quality patient education, and we provide resources for them to improve their human movement quality. Specifically, we help them understand their joint and movement profile through Sano Motion Capture screens using DARI Motion Health. By helping our patients understand which joints are more susceptible to injury and what areas can be improved, we help them become resilient to injury and setbacks. Our goal is to help our patients live strong and healthy lives.  

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