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Back to school means back to sports. For athletes, this means obtaining a pre-season physical. Sano Orthopedics sports medicine surgeons and specialists are offering walk-in sports physicals this summer.

Here’s the scoop!

Athlete Physicals 2022 Dates

Sano will be hosting walk-in sports physicals at our Paola, Lee’s Summit, and Leawood orthopedic clinics in July.

50% will be donated back to the district athletic departments 


Lee’s Summit office: Mon-Friday, 8am – 5pm
Leawood office: Mon-Friday, 8am – 5pm
Paola office: Thursdays, 8am – 5pm + August 4th, 3pm – 7pm

Contact Us
No appointment is required. Athletes are responsible for providing the appropriate sports-qualifying physical exam form for the exam.
Phone: 816-525-2840
Text: 816-551-2339

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Pre-Season Sports Physicals

Most states require children and teens participating in sports to pass a sports physical exam by a licensed physician to assess their fitness levels, educate them about exercise, and ensure their health and safety while they train and play the game. In Missouri, a sports physical is required every two years. In Kansas, a sports physical is required every year.

Benefits of Sports Participation

Sports help develop lifelong physical activity skills, encourage socializing with peers, build teamwork and leadership skills, and develop self-esteem. Sports should be fun, and we want athletes to stay in the game. Preseason physicals help athletes stay healthy.

Ortho & Sports Urgent Care

For non-traumatic orthopedic injuries, your first step should be with an orthopedic specialist. Our sports medicine experts will provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations, so you can recover as quickly and safely as possible.

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Who Can Participate in the Sports Physicals?

The preseason physical exams are open to middle school, high school, and collegiate student athletes with clear medical histories and who are required to have a physical prior to participating in athletics. The physicals are used to screen for and detect physical/medical conditions that might put student athletes at risk for future problems.

The sports-qualifying physical exam is NOT intended to replace regular or as-needed visits to primary care physicians. Students currently under care for medical conditions or with previously diagnosed medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses, especially cardiac or asthmatic conditions or COVID-19 that might preclude or limit participation in sports, are advised to receive medical examinations from their primary care physician.

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