What to Expect from a Walk-In Appointment

Immediate access to orthopedic specialists

Worsening pain or sudden injuries happen. But does the pain require immediate attention from a specialist? Maybe it can wait for a scheduled appointment. It can be tough to tell.

If you suffer an orthopedic injury, either a sudden or old injury that causes severe or intense pain, an orthopedic specialist can ensure you’re treated correctly from the start.

Our team tells you what to expect of a visit to our Walk-In clinics

How to Schedule

Our orthopedic urgent care clinics offer 3 convenient scheduling options:

  1. Walk-in. No appointment is required, so walk-ins are welcome.
  2. Book online. We offer online scheduling so you can reserve your spot in advance. 
  3. Call ahead. We can reserve your spot on the schedule and even send you intake forms in advance. We also reserve next-day appointments and same-day add-ons on select Physician schedules, so you can also call to see what’s available. 

Not sure if you need to be seen today?  Give us a call, and we can walk you through your options. We are now texting, too!

What to Expect of your Appointment

Our orthopedic urgent care is an extension of our orthopedic clinic. Thus, you can expect the same steps if you scheduled a visit with one of our Providers. After check-in and new patient intake forms are complete, our team will take x-rays, if needed, and complete a physical exam. With your input, our team will outline treatment recommendations and appropriate follow-ups. Our urgent care providers may recommend advanced imaging or physical therapy, and our team will send out those referrals. If treatment includes casting, application of braces, slings, or crutches, we provide these at the time of your visit. Our team will coordinate follow-up appointments with the right specialist at the right time.

Ortho & Sports Urgent Care

Benefits of an Orthopedic Urgent Care

We asked our patients!  Here’s what they said:

  • Less wait time. Patients have been surprised that it averages less than 15 minute wait times to see a Provider. As a walk-in clinic, the patient volume does vary. We do have a dedicated team servicing these patients.  Our BOOK ONLINE feature helps those who want to reserve their spot.
  • Lower cost than Emergency Rooms and traditional Urgent Care facilities. Since this is an extension of our regular clinic, patients typically pay a regular office visit fee or co-pay.
  • Condensed treatment timeline. Before leaving your visit, our team will outline the next steps, including scheduling a follow-up with a specialist, ordering advanced imaging, or prescribing physical therapy.
Ortho Urgent Care walk-in clinic exam with PA-C
hand brace for orthopedic injury

Common Questions about our Walk-In Orthopedic Clinic

How is the Sano Ortho & Sports Urgent Care different from an urgent care clinic?

Our expertise is musculoskeletal injuries, and this is all we treat in our urgent care. The Sano Ortho & Sports Urgent Care is an extension of our regular orthopedic clinic. Most insurance companies will charge a larger copay for urgent care and emergency room visits. Since this is an extension of our regular clinic, patients typically pay a regular office visit copay.

Do you see patients of all ages?

For spine injuries, we treat patients age 17+. For all other injuries, we treat ages 12 and up.

Do you accept Workers’ Compensation patients?

Yes, we do! Our providers are committed to helping all Workers’ Compensation patients get back on the job as quickly and safely as possible. In order to treat Workers’ Compensation through our Urgent Care, we must have authorization from the claims examiner prior to treatment.

Will my insurance company cover my visit at the Sano Urgent Care?

Sano Orthopedics works with many insurance plans. Whether or how your claim will be reimbursed is dependent on the details of your particular plan. As an extension of our regular orthopedic clinic, your co-pay and fee are the same if you visited one of our other providers. We offer self-pay pricing, also.

For details about your specific benefits, refer to your plan’s benefit manual or your insurer’s website, or call the number on the back of your insurance card for details about your specific benefits.

Because we are credentialed as a specialist, which differs from a traditional Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinic, HMO patients will require authorization.

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