Introducing Dr. Rob Comrie, Adult Reconstruction Specialist

Sano Orthopedics is pleased to introduce our newest orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rob Comrie. Dr. Comrie specializes in adult reconstruction, treating conditions that have an impact on the hip and knee.  He specializes in total knee and total hip replacement surgeries.

Dr. Comrie has a unique background, spending five years as a physical therapist before attending medical school. “My journey has shaped my approach, allowing me to empathize with my patients and deliver comprehensive, patient-centered treatments.”

“I am dedicated to employing the latest surgical techniques and technologies to optimize outcomes and provide exceptional care to those seeking relief and restoration.”

Dr. Comrie’s Clinical Interests

Dr. Comrie is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in adult knee and hip reconstruction. His extensive experience in the musculoskeletal space allows him to effectively diagnose and treat chronic knee and hip pain. In particular, Dr. Comrie specializes in partial and total knee replacements, including knee revisions and robotic knee replacements. He also specializes in hip care, performing posterior and anterior hip replacement approaches. He also performs hip resurfacing, which preserves more of the patient’s natural bone and may be suitable for some younger, more active individuals with hip arthritis.

Patients can expect compassionate care and personalized treatment plans they have come to expect from our Sano team.

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Dr Comrie joint specialist surgeon

A Sano Fit

Drawing upon his extensive surgical experience and expertise in managing chronic joint pain, Dr. Comrie’s specialization in joint reconstruction instills confidence in patients seeking relief. He’s a welcome addition to the Sano Orthopedics team, as he leverages the latest literature and technology to optimize patient outcomes, all while cultivating meaningful relationships with his patients.


Dr. Comrie’s Office Locations

Dr. Comrie is now accepting new patients. He will see patients in our Lee’s Summit, Grandview, and Leawood offices.  He will have hospital privileges in both Missouri and Kansas.

Welcome, Dr. Comrie!

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