International Relationships Shaping Sano

International perspective has shaped Sano to what it is today. From training to research to relationships, Sano has found international outlook a key to its success.

Research collaboration with international physician clinics has improved surgical outcomes for our patients. The exchange of ideas during research and relationships formed from the collaboration continues to lead to new and better techniques. Our physicians share patient stories to better treat complicated and rare cases. The SANTI network is a group of orthopedic surgeons from the US, France, Italy, England, Brazil and other countries who collaborate on knee research, especially ACL injuries. This exchange of ideas and research is creating innovative techniques and return to play standards across borders.

As you can see, we believe international collaboration is creating higher standards of care and better outcomes. Here’s a sampling of Sano’s international roots.

Fellowships & Advanced Training

After completing a sports medicine fellowship, Dr. Matt Daggett was seeking additional fellowship specialization in shoulder. He sought out Dr. Gilles Walch,  Dr. Lionel Neyton and Dr. Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet in Lyon, France where he learned about complex knee and shoulder reconstructions. Dr. Adnan Saithna, who received his medical training in the United Kingdom, completed an additional sports medicine fellowship with Dr. Peter MacDonald at the PanAm clinic in Winnipeg, Canada. Dr. Tim Roberts pursued advanced training on hip care in France following his residency. Fully understanding the approaches to hip care set a solid foundation for Roberts to provide comprehensive care to his patients. 

New Physicians

Sano Orthopedics was fortunate to have the opportunity to partner on research with Dr. Adnan Saithna. Dr. Saithna specializes in knee and shoulder care with international recognition as a leader in orthopedic research. Dr. Saithna moved from the UK to Kansas City last year to join Sano.

Dr. Stephanie de Vere, orthopedic spine surgeon, moved from Canada to join Sano last fall. Dr. de Vere completed two fellowships in complex spine. She has quickly earned respect and recognition as a up and coming spine surgeon in Kansas City.

Research Collaboration

The SANTI group has produced over 30 peer-reviewed publications in the past year.  These publications have been in top tier orthopedic journals, won multiple awards and SANTI has produced profession-changing innovations.

Continued Education

The doctors at Sano assist the orthopedic residency at Kansas City University with orthopedic research, teaching them research methods. Sano has also hosted several international orthopedic surgeons seeking the same goal of broadening their knowledge base by learning the American perspective.  The latest visit was from Dr. Giorgio Bruni, Italian surgeon from Rome, Italy, who spent a month training with Dr. Daggett and collaborating on research projects.


Global View, Local Impact

These international collaborations are changing sports medicine worldwide and impacting our patients right here in our community. By not just being on the cutting edge of the latest techniques, but instead, helping develop them, our physicians at Sano are constantly striving to innovate new ways to provide better outcomes for patients.  We will continue to do this in the future, and we will go to the ends of the world to help care for our patients. 



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