Creating Value through High-Quality Care

Misaligned incentives in healthcare continue to add barriers to care, but we remain focused on providing high-quality care. Sano was founded six years ago to reinvent how musculoskeletal care is delivered in Kansas City and beyond. Our focus for accomplishing this has been providing superior outcomes with an unmatched patient experience.

Defining Quality

Our goal is for you to reach your desired outcomes as quickly and safely as possible with the least amount of pain or complications. To accomplish this, we need to deliver high-quality care. Unfortunately, evaluating quality care is unclear and inconsistent at best. Yet, this should be the most important measure for determining where you go for care.

At Sano, we track quality in three essential ways: patient surveys and experience tracking, patient-reported outcomes collection and analysis, and engagement in clinical research.

Patient Experience Tracking

A good experience is linked to quality outcomes. We gauge current patient satisfaction by asking patients, “How likely are you to recommend us,” commonly known as Net Promoter Score (NPS) tracking. Additionally, we can use feedback in real-time to identify any issues and thus address them straight away.

We regularly reach out to our patients, asking for their feedback. Through survey collection, we review patient feedback as a continuous improvement tool. In addition to asking about their overall satisfaction, we ask about the attention they received and their provider’s rating. 

Our NPS standards are high! Our goal is above 80. Did we mention that our physician reimbursement is also tied to patient satisfaction? 

While we ask for public reviews, not all patients are comfortable doing so. But, patients share timely, authentic feedback in a private survey. This gives helpful cues to the why behind the survey scores.

Very concerned about my condition. Took my input into account. Was very pleased with the individuals involved.

-Donna, Facebook recommendation

dr eckland treating knee patient

Patient-Reported Outcomes

Our pursuit of excellence involves quantifying outcomes. This means investing in tools that can objectively collect data to provide performance benchmarking. OBERD is the software partner we use to collect our Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). 

PROMs are standardized, validated questionnaires used to assess a patient’s health status at a particular time. With this objective data, we can design personalized, predictive care models to improve patient care and ensure favorable health outcomes. It means answering patients’ questions before they even walk through the door. It means engaging patients in their recovery, which translates to better outcomes. 

In this era of evidence-based medicine, the standardization of patient-reported outcomes gives more accurate views of a patient’s recovery. In addition, it helps us predict the future recovery of a patient. 

By comparing and tracking patient satisfaction and outcomes across our care team and locations, we believe we can articulate an accurate, holistic measure of quality. 

Clinical Research

Improving patient outcomes and advancing musculoskeletal medicine can also be achieved through involvement in clinical research. With rapid scientific developments and innovation, research provides a standard of care for evidence-based medicine.

Participation in peer-reviewed journals provides actionable information to improve upon our current procedures and medical treatments.

We want to change orthopedics not only in our community but around the world. Research is a collaborative effort, and we participate in studies with elite surgeons around the globe who are equally motivated to advance the orthopedic specialty for the sake of their patients. 

Future of Musculoskeletal Care

Healthcare is complicated, confusing, and personal. It should be more about health, which we continue to pursue. Six years in, the same purpose drives us. As a result, our patients can be confident that clinical excellence and patient satisfaction are measured, tracked, and put to work to deliver better outcomes. 

Optimal outcomes must be the foundation for improving musculoskeletal care, and it is foundational for us. Improving outcomes formed our practice and continue to fuel our growth.

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