The Importance of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are used to assess a patient’s health status at a particular time. Patient-reported outcomes tell us how the injury and recovery are affecting your life. While your Physician can evaluate your range of motion after surgery, the range of motion does not fully capture how difficult it is for you to complete daily tasks, sleep, and enjoy your life.

By collecting answers to various questions at specific points along the recovery journey, we can discuss your recovery in terms that are important to you.

Why PROMs?

PROMs are standardized, validated questionnaires that measure your view, that is, the patient’s view of their health status. These tools measure outcomes that matter to our patients, such as pain level and ability to perform everyday tasks, like walking up the stairs.

Ultimately, these surveys help your care team understand how you feel about your health goals, the care you receive, your well-being, and your progress.

Existing Sano Patients: How to complete surveys

Sano Orthopedics uses OBERD software to manage survey delivery and collection. A Sano clinician will register patients into the OBERD system.  Sano will send specific surveys via email and/or SMS before surgery and at various points after surgery.  This is HIPAA-compliant software; your data is encrypted once entered into OBERD.

If you are a Sano patient and need to log in to complete your questionnaires, click the button below.

Why are PROMs important?

PROMs allow us to track your progress in an objective way. These surveys benefit patients like you by monitoring your individual progress in terms that are important to you. It enables us to positively affect your care with greater objective answers and understanding.

Additionally, PROMs help you communicate with our care team by understanding your recovery relative to your perceived recovery. It ultimately helps us improve the quality of care we provide you and other patients like you.

Types of PROMS

  • There are two basic types:
    General health PROMs can be used to survey patients with any condition. They usually focus on general well-being, mental health and/or quality of life.
  • Condition-specific PROMs usually concentrate on the symptoms of a particular disease. They may ask questions about your mobility, function, or pain levels in certain areas of your body.

Do I have to complete all the questionnaires?

If you have reasons for not wanting to complete the questionnaires, please let us know so we can explain more about the process or help you through them. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. Some surveys may take longer, 5-7 minutes, but most can be completed in 2-4 minutes. If you do not have the ability to complete the forms electronically, we can provide a tablet at your appointment for you to complete the questionnaires assigned by your physician.

Many healthcare systems now require or state they will require documentation of a completed PROM before pre-authorization for partial and total knee or hip replacements. This means that patients who do not have a PROM on file for insurance review could have their surgery denied or significantly delayed.

At Sano, your outcomes are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for your participation!

Have a question or have issues comopleting your forms? Call us at 816-525-2840 or text us at 816-551-2339.

Dr. de Vere has a five-star plus plus from me because of her investment in my personal outcomes. It’s been so nice to experience a doctor take her time and interest to learn about me, my life, and family and know what is important me, and what of my goals are realistic post-surgery.

– Louise, Sano Patient

dr. kevin witte talks to a patient about PRP
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