Sano Orthopedics’ 2020 Highlights & Looking Ahead to 2021

What a year! In so many ways, we join you in our excitement to start new in 2021. Despite the pandemic challenges and fatigue, our highlights are a true reflection of the 2020 needs. The 2020 global pandemic helped us evolve in ways we did not expect. It is our desire for better outcomes, our focus on the patient experience, and listening to our patients as partners in their healthcare journey to help us improve. This certainly shaped us in 2020, and we see even more potential in 2021!

Before we share our vision for 2021, let’s recap the year!

Opening our new Lee’s Summit office

Our new clinic was built with the patient experience in mind. The bold, modern, spacious clinic was intentional in design and foundational for us to accomplish our goal of reinventing musculoskeletal health.  Luckily, the independent, spacious and open design was also ideal for handling a global pandemic.  Our facility positioned us to serve patients safely.

We are looking forward to using our space to continue to provide an amazing patient experience and educate and teach, as we know we will be able to gather again soon.

Adding Sano Ortho & Sports Urgent Care

With the initial unknowns of Covid and a world shutting down, we opened our doors to walk-in patients.  Patients with orthopedic injuries were trying to avoid emergency rooms and many were delaying care.  We were able to service this need and get patients seen quickly and safely.  We increased our staff and now offer extended hours in our Ortho & Sports Urgent Care in Lee’s Summit.

Creating Virtual Express Visits

As the world transformed virtually, so did healthcare.  Seeing the rising interest and usage in telehealth, Sano decided to offer self-pay video visits. These Express virtual appointments are for patients with new injuries who are seeking initial guidance on what to do with their ortho injury and when. For just $25, patients can book a same-day or next day appointment with an orthopedic specialist.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to phone an orthopedic friend to get some direction? Now you can! 🙂

Another plus to the telehealth growth is that our surgeons are offering and encouraging telehealth visits throughout the treament journey.  For MRI reviews or follow-up surgical discussion appointments, a telehealth appointment has been a great option and very well-received by our patients.

More 2020 Highlights

Our physicians are passionate about injury prevention and education.  This paves a path towards worker’s compensation, as this group is motivated to keep workers safe.  Thus, we have formalized and expanded our work comp program to better service this group.  We continue to have medical students rotate with our physicians, publish research articles and present (even virtually!) to athletic trainers, physicians and other medical providers.

2021: The Future is Bright

2020 has proven that healthcare needs to be more about health, wellness and whole body care. It’s not sickcare, it is healthcare and it should be more affordable.  We will work tirelessly to deliver high quality musculoskeletal care to our community. This means we will advocate for our patients to drive down the confusion while improve the quality and value of the Health and Care they deserve.

We intend to accomplish that with a continued focus on innovation and outcomes. Through regenerative medicine, needle arthroscopy and robotic surgery, to name a few, we will lead orthopedics to the next level of patient care.

Thank you for your support of Sano Orthopedics this year. We are very grateful for our patients, referring providers, athletic trainers, physical therapist partners and community leaders that entrust us with their care or the care of loved ones.

Happy New Year!

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