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 Is an express virtual visit for you?

“What should I do? Where do I start?” For new but non-emergent orthopedic pain, an Express virtual visit may be the perfect step to getting pain-free.

We created Express Virtual Visits with your needs in mind.  These video visits provide immediate access to an orthopedic specialist from your home or office.  For just $25, you can get recommendations from an Orthopedic Surgeon or Orthopedic Physician Assistant on what to do about that joint or muscle pain.

Same day appointments available.

Trusted guidance on what to do with that orthopedic pain:


Did you sprain your ankle and think it may be time to make a visit?


Sudden lower back pain and not sure what to do?


Having a lot of pain after a recent fall and concerned about what’s going on?


Are you trying to treat your injury at home? Do you want to know if you should keep waiting or is it time to make an appointment?

Not appropriate for all injuries

Sano Orthopedics’ Express visits are intended for non-life threatening orthopedic injuries. It is not intended for non-orthopedic injuries or orthopedic trauma. Examples of orthopedic trauma include open wounds and lacerations, head/facial injuries, major dislocations, chest injuries, infections, and initial visits after motor vehicle accidents. If your injury is non-orthopedic, please call your primary care physician or visit an urgent care; for emergencies, please call 911 or visit the nearest hospital.

For chronic pain, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our orthopedic surgeons in our office.   In our clinics, we can take x-rays, do a physical exam and review any prior imaging.

Talk to a specialist today

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Do you need to be seen today? We have walk-in appointments at our Ortho & Sports Urgent Care. Click to learn more. 

Why Sano Express?

Talking directly to an orthopedic specialist has never been easier. Covid-19 has complicated most of our lives, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in pain. Whether you’re trying to stay at home or just not sure when, or where, you should make an appointment, our Express visits are a great option for getting the guidance you need.

Access when and where you need it.

Does Sano take insurance?

Express visits are self-pay only.  This means we do not accept insurance for this visit type.  However, for all of our in-office visits, we do take most major insurances.  Contact our office if you have any insurance or payment questions.

What happens if I need an x-ray?

Given the nature of a virtual visit, we may recommend you come into the office for immediate or follow-up care.  For immediate needs, we have availability through our urgent care in Lee’s Summit. If not urgent, we can schedule a follow-up office visit for you.

Is this a telehealth appointment?

Yes, it is a telehealth appointment. This new video visit has been created to provide guidance on where to start your orthopedic treatment. It is for new patients or new injuries only. If you’re an existing Sano patient, please contact our office for scheduling. 

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