The Why: MAO-KC Joins Sano Orthopedics


A bigger team focused on improving the way musculoskeletal care is delivered in Kansas City City

new MAO docs join Sano

November! We are excited to be a bigger team focused on improving the way musculoskeletal care is delivered in Kansas City. This is our unwavering focus at Sano. The addition of the Mid-America Orthopedics KC providers to Sano occurred because they are the right people with aligned goals. Our efforts are complementary and we are excited to be unified as one Sano team focused on health.

What is this mean for our patients? As we continue to state that we want to deliver the right care at the right time in the right setting, we are better situated to accomplish this feat.

Orthopedics at the right time.

When we talk about delivering musculoskeletal care at the right time, we are referring to access to care. We can improve access to care through more locations in south Kansas City. We will have offices in Lee’s Summit, Leawood, Grandview, Paola, and Garnett.

To improve access, we are opening a walk-in clinic in Leawood in December. This will give us 2 orthopedic urgent cares: one in Lee’s Summit and this new one in Leawood. Patients appreciate an orthopedic walk-in clinic because they can get on a direct treatment path. Musculoskeletal injuries and pain are all we see, so seeing an orthopedic specialist helps patients get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate referral. 

The most appropriate orthopedic care.

For us, the “right care” means several things. It refers to the right specialist, it includes conservative therapies, and it encompasses prevention.

Some people want to avoid seeing a surgeon for their pain, but surgery is one tool in the toolbox. Conservative treatment is often the primary treatment path needed to heal many musculoskeletal injuries. Bracing, injections, regenerative medicine, physical therapy are just a few of the conservative therapies we utilize. It’s knowing what is the right care for that specific patient.

Regarding Physical Therapy, we are thrilled to be able to add Physical Therapy to our list of services. Our Leawood and Paola offices have physical therapy attached to them. Physical therapy, including manual therapy and specialty techniques, like dry needling, is critical to providing patients with the right type of care for their pain. It is safe, affordable, and an effective way to treat many musculoskeletal injuries.

 The transformation of musculoskeletal care requires more focus on the prevention of injuries. We will continue expanding our Bone Health clinic, which diagnosis, treats, and helps prevent osteoporosis. We will grow our athlete injury screenings and enhance our return to sport protocols using Sano Motion Capture. We will continue to develop more prevention and wellness programming, which we are excited to introduce soon.  

 Sano has new specialties, like pain management, and serves new injuries, like acute pediatric injuries, which helps our patients get the right type of care. We will continue to fill the gaps and expand services to better serve our patients.

The right setting for orthopedic care.

 The forward-thinking orthopedic practices understand that musculoskeletal care should incorporate a holistic, integrated, and innovative approach to delivering care. This means focusing on high-quality facilities. It means adopting advanced, tech-enabled, patient-centered processes, similar to what patients can experience in any other service industry outside of healthcare. It means letting outcomes and data drive decision-making.

Value-Based Care

A record 25% of Americans say they or a family member put off treatment for a serious medical condition in the past year because of the cost, per this 2019 Gallup poll. Thanks to Covid and rising healthcare prices, we know this number is not declining. Navigating an injury or chronic disease is hard to navigate already, layer on top of the high cost and lack of transparency, and no wonder many are delaying treatment. Contrary to what the current healthcare market reports, we do believe we can increase the quality of care and total health of our community while decreasing cost.  

Sano was created with the belief that there is a better way. Sano is Latin for health, and to get back to health, we need to get back to basics. Let’s deliver the right care at the right time in the appropriate setting. 

With the help of a few more like-minded MAO physicians, we think we are a step closer to achieving this feat.

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