Reflecting on a Name

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It’s about your health.

A year ago, we changed our name from Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to Sano Orthopedics. Sano is Latin for health, and currently, healthcare is broken. It is reactionary, fragmented and expensive. At Sano, we know there is a better way. Healthcare should be about health: keeping people healthy, keeping people moving.

The impact of Covid has not spared Sano by any stretch, but it has certainly galvanized our team and reinforced our mission going forward. While we are using this time as a practice to refine our processes, we are also focused on accelerating the goal of creating an entity that focuses on you and your health, in a proactive, comprehensive and value-based way.

We look forward, as we all do, to the “flattening of the curve” and control of this global pandemic. As we reflect on our name change, I can say definitively this crisis has strengthened our resolve to make healthcare better and focused on you and your health. Please stay safe in this ever-changing environment and thank you to healthcare professionals and our colleagues on the front lines.

-Dr. Matt Daggett

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