Identify vulnerable joints to move better

Our FDA-approved camera technology determines your joint and movement profile

Accurate & objective tracking determines:

Range of Motion Deficits

Uneven Movement

Joint Compensation and Alignment Issues

Result of Poor Movement and Joint Weakness:


Higher chance of injury or reinjury


Decreased Performance

(Above) Sano Motion Capture screening is in progress.  Screenings take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Understanding the way your body moves is vital to quicker recovery, preserving joint health, and becoming resilient to injury or setbacks.

Do you know your Joint & Movement profile?

With vulnerable joints and deficiencies identified, our care team can customize a treatment path to your individual recovery needs

Instant and Accurate

Our marker-less camera technology determines your joint and movement profile in a matter of minutes from a range of movements. With personalized, accurate, and objective data, you gain confidence in your treatment and performance plan.

3D motion capture screening in process
joint smc

Sano Motion Capture Pathways

Currently, we are using Sano Motion Capture to help diagnose injuries and optimize recovery timelines.

We are also using it in athlete prevention and performance training.

Your movement health matters. 

Don’t settle for poor movement and pain. Start moving better today.

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