Robotic Knee Surgery

What is robotic-assisted knee replacement and am I candidate?

An Overview of Robotic Knee Surgery 

Robotic Knee Surgery is an alternative to the traditional knee replacement surgery. The new robotic knee procedure uses robotic arm technology to assist the surgeon in performing a total knee replacement.

Why use robotic assistance during orthopedic surgery? Robotics technology offers benefits that make it a great tool for surgeons to use during surgical procedures.  The robot system ensures that the placement of the new replacement parts are tailored just for you.  Data is gathered before and during surgery to assist the surgeon in personalizing the surgery for your individual needs.

Robotics technology is currently being used to perform a variety of procedures, including full knee replacements. Sano Orthopedics is committed to using the latest innovations to reduce pain, improve function and speed recovery for the optimal patient outcome.

What is Robotic Knee Surgery?

Knee replacement has been around for many years. This surgery provides new surfaces to replace “worn out” arthritic knee joint surfaces. If you’re a candidate for knee joint replacement surgery, you may be a candidate for robotic knee surgery.

While robotic knee surgery does NOT involve a robot doing your surgery, the procedure does involve the assistance of a robotic arm. Your orthopedic surgeon is still in control. The robotic arm’s job is to help the surgeon perform with greater precision.

Robotic knee surgery is one of the most advanced joint replacement surgeries available to patients today. While some of the long-term outcomes are still being compared to traditional knee replacements, robotic knee surgery has been gaining popularity by orthopedic surgeons because of many benefits.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

The Robotic-arm technology provides more accuracy in positioning implants. This greater accuracy for positioning results in a longer lifespan for the implant as well as improving the way the patient’s knee will feel and function.

Some benefits reported by patients and physicians:

  • Greater accuracy in implant positioning
  • Reduced injury to the ligaments surrounding the knee
  • Improved safety during surgery
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Why Choose Sano for your Knee Replacement?

Our goal is to relieve pain and help restore the proper function of your knee with a treatment plan that fits your need.  Robotic Knee Surgery is a newer technology that offers our surgeons the ability to mechanically align based on their body scan. Sano focuses on using the latest innovation, like Robotic Knee Surgery, to provide the best outcomes for our patients.

Meet our Robotic Knee Surgeon

Dr. Timothy Roberts is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specialized in knee care.

Common Questions About Robotic Surgery:

What are the risks?

There are no additional risks to robotic assisted knee surgery compared to a traditional knee replacement.  The risks of robotic-assisted knee surgery mirror the same risks of traditional knee replacement surgery. These risks include continued pain, infection, need for further surgery, neurovascular injury, DVT/PE and associated anesthesia risks.

What does it cost? Is it covered by insurance?

The cost of robotic knee surgery is the same as traditional knee replacement surgery.  Patients should check with their insurance provider for benefit information.

What does the recovery from robotic knee surgery look like?

The preparation and recovery of robotic knee replacement surgery is the same as traditional knee replacement surgery. 

Who is a good candidate for robotic knee replacement?

If you are a good candidate for traditional knee replacement surgery, you are most likely a good candidate for robotic knee replacement, too.

Depending on the severity of your condition and previous treatments, they may recommend less invasive treatment methods first.  For some patients, traditional knee replacement surgery is still recommended.

What is the type of robot used?

Sano Orthopedics is using a ROSA Knee System. Click here to learn more about ROSA.

More frequently asked questions

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