Sano now offers new patient online scheduling.  Convenient and accurate.

With the help of Covid-19 pandemic, we saw an acceleration in the shift of consumer preferences towards all things digital. Out of necessity, services and retail adapted to be contactless, flexible, easy. 

Out of necessity and following the patient preferences, Sano began offering telehealth appointments within a few weeks of the Covid lockdown. A few weeks later, we opened our walk-in clinic in Lee’s Summit, allowing our community to avoid hospitals. We then added online scheduling for our Ortho & Sports Urgent Care, which was well-received from our patients. We recognized this opportunity to expand to more orthopedic providers.  The next phase is here: we now have appointment availability for new patients or existing patients with new injuries.  This scheduling flexibility allows patients to book online, 24/7, from any device. This takes the guesswork out of comparing schedules and allows patients to have more control and convenience in their booking. 

Appointments are available with Dr. Matt Cullen, Dr. Michael Dempewolf, Dr. Matt Daggett, Dr. Chris Eckland, Dr. Alex Palmer, Dr. Kevin Witte, and Dr. Tim Roberts. For existing patients and spine, pain management, and plastics patients, appointment request forms can be submitted online and a member of our team will call patients with available appointment times.

“We want to meet the consumer where they are when they need us. We are embracing a digital mindset to forget better relationships with our patients. This enhanced relationship will lead to a better patient experience,” says Dr. Matt Daggett.  We have more steps to take to meet consumer preferences, but this is another step in the right direction. 

dr own performing exam on patient in clinic room

Physicians with online appointment availability:

  • Dr. Matt Cullen
  • Dr. Michael Dempewolf
  • Dr. Kevin Witte
  • Dr. Tim Roberts
  • Dr. Chris Eckland
  • Dr. Alexander Palmer
  • Dr. Matt Daggett
  • Lee’s Summit & Leawood Ortho & Sports Urgent Cares
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