Dr. Daggett Performs Minimally Invasive Shoulder Arthroscopy Using Needle Arthroscopy

Biceps Tenodesis

Shoulder surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia in a hospital or outpatient surgery center. With general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious, or asleep, during the procedure. General anesthesia comes with various side effects and risks. Larger incisions also carry risks of infection and add length to recovery timelines.

With technique innovation and smaller tools, certain procedures have become less invasive. With no stitches and no general anesthesia, patients recover faster. Patients can stay awake during their surgery and catch up on their Netflix series or watch their favorite basketball team!

Minimally Invasive Shoulder Arthroscopy

Biceps tenodesis is a surgical procedure that involves reattaching the top end of the biceps tendon to a new location. This procedure may be needed when the biceps tendon is severely degenerated, torn, or identified as a cause of pain in the shoulder.

Biceps tenodesis is usually performed arthroscopically. The surgeon removes the painful part of the biceps, which usually resolves symptoms and restores normal function. After the surgery, the small wound is closed using stitches. Now, using needle arthroscopy, Dr. Matt Daggett uses local anesthesia, no general anesthesia, which means patients are awake during their surgery.

With a small incision that doesn’t require stitches, patients have a reduced need for narcotics after surgery. Patients are awake, so no groggy wake-up is necessary. Ultimately, we pursue less invasive techniques because our patients recover faster and experience less pain.

Watch a video of the procedure. Dr. Daggett performed shoulder arthroscopy with biceps tenodesis while talking to the patient who watched his NCAA basketball teams on his phone.

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Meet Dr. Matt Daggett

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon

Dr. Matt Daggett is a dual-fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee and shoulder care.  He has been pioneering needle arthroscopy and needle imaging in Kansas City and the US because of the patient experience and fast recovery.

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