Spinal Deformity

What is it and how is it treated?

Adult Spinal Deformity

Adult spinal deformity is a common spine condition, especially in the older population. Adult spinal deformity is a condition that causes changes in normal spinal alignment and curvature, which can result in pain and decreased spine function. As the condition progresses, more changes occur and it may become difficult to maintain posture and perform normal day-to-day activities.

Common Symptoms of spinal deformity:

If you have adult spinal deformity, the common symptoms can include:

  • A noticeable change in spinal alignment and curvature
  • A noticeable change in posture
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Spine pain
  • Pain that radiates to the extremities

Symptoms may range from very mild to severe but treating adult spinal deformity in its early stages can prevent symptoms from getting worse. At Sano Orthopedics, our Spine Surgeon and team treat patients with adult spinal deformity so they can live active and healthy lives using the latest non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures.


How is Spinal Deformity Treated?

There are many treatment options that can slow down changes in spine alignment and curvature as well as relieve the symptoms of adult spinal deformity. Adult spinal deformity is usually effectively treated using non-surgical treatment options and the specialists at Sano create treatment plans based on your lifestyle and goals. These treatment plans may consist of any combination of the following non-surgical treatment options:

  • Physical therapy
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • Injections

Surgery is only recommended if spinal deformity does not respond to non-surgical treatment options. Dr. Stephanie de Vere, Spine Surgeon at Sano Orthopedics, has two fellowships in complex spine. With her advanced training and passion for treating patients with spinal deformity, patients seek her out for treatment. She specializes in spinal decompression and spinal fusion procedures.

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