Sano’s Newest Walk-in Ortho Urgent Care in North Kansas City

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of services: a walk-in orthopedic urgent care at our Parkville office. At Sano, we’re committed to evolving with the needs of our community, and this new offering is another step towards making quality musculoskeletal care accessible to all. Walk-in, call ahead, or book online.

Why Choose Sano Walk-In Ortho Urgent Care?

Orthopedic injuries and conditions don’t always happen on schedule. That’s why we believe in providing convenient, timely care when you need it most. Our walk-in ortho urgent care will cater to those unexpected twists, sprains, and fractures that require immediate attention. Whether it’s a weekend warrior mishap or a midweek stumble, our team is here to provide prompt and expert care.

Sano Parkville: open 8am – 5pm, Mon – Fri.

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Accessible Care

Accessibility is at the core of providing high quality patient care. By bringing orthopedic urgent care to north Kansas City and Parkville, we’re ensuring that our patients have quick and convenient access to specialized care. We understand that injuries can disrupt daily life, so we’ve streamlined our services to minimize wait times and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

North Kansas City Address:

6301 N. Lucerne Ave
Kansas City, MO 64051
P: 816-525-2840

Expertise You Can Trust

At Sano, quality care is non-negotiable. Our team of orthopedic specialists is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. From fractures and dislocations to sports injuries and joint pain, you can trust that you’re in capable hands at our ortho urgent care.

Comprehensive Care, Personalized Approach

Our commitment to patient-centric care extends beyond diagnosis and treatment. We take the time to understand your unique needs and develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Whether it’s conservative management, physical therapy, or surgical intervention, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure optimal outcomes and long-term wellness.

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