Simultaneous Bilateral Rupture of Patellar Tendons in a Young Man Without Predisposing Factors or Systemic Disease

Kyle L Barner, Caitlin Gluck, and Kevin A Witte

Published online: Aug 23, 2019

Bilateral patellar tendon (BPT) rupture is an exceedingly rare cause of extensor mechanism failure with many patients having predisposing factors such as systemic disease, steroid, or antibiotic use that increase the risk. Patients may present with an inability to extend the knee, diffuse pain and swelling, and a high riding patella on lateral radiographs. We present a case of a young man without predisposing factors or systemic disease who experienced a BPT rupture while playing sports.

BPT rupture should not be overlooked in patients without known predisposing risk factors who present after minor trauma, pain, swelling, and the inability to fully extend their knee. Timely diagnosis with the use of plain radiographs and prompt surgical intervention is critical to maintaining the function of the knee joint.

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