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Lee’s Summit Grand Opening – Postponed due to Covid-19

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Sano Orthopedics’ mission is to create a healthier community. To accomplish this endeavor, we are reinventing musculoskeletal care and health in Kansas City. Our new facility in Lee’s Summit was intentionally designed with the patient at the center: a visual representation of the lifecycle of musculoskeletal health.

While our plan was to celebrate with you on August 10th, it is safest to postpone the event.  While we cannot celebrate together physically, our mission is more relevant than ever before.

Did you know….

  • 1 out of 2 Americans live with a musculoskeletal condition.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for $1 of every $6 Healthcare Dollars.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders can make other conditions even more difficult to live with, multiplying their impact.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions require 50% more time away from work than the average injury.

While the prevalence of a musculoskeletal condition varies by age and diagnosis as well as severity, it has truly become an issue that impacts us not only locally but as a country.  The direct costs of treatments coupled with the indirect costs of lost wages have resulted in a growing impact of musculoskeletal disorders in the US.

What is particularly worrisome is that musculoskeletal conditions are commonly linked with depression and increase the risk of developing other chronic health conditions.

As physicians, we pursued the profession to treat patients. Dr. Timothy Roberts says, “I want to provide great care for my patients without stress or confusion.” Confusing it is, as most know from experience.  Dr. Matt Daggett adds, “Healthcare is the reactionary and expensive when it should be preventive and value-based.  Keeping patients healthy should be our primary goal and driver, but when an injury or condition needs treatment, the outcomes and costs associated with treatment should be known ahead of time.  It is baffling to me as not just a provider, but a consumer of healthcare, that I can know upfront the costs and quality of a gallon of milk but not know something as essential as the costs and quality of knee surgery ahead of time.”

We are looking to our provider partners and patients to become educated and involved. Dr. Stephanie de Vere points out, “Knowledge is power.” Patients who ask questions and get engaged in their care have better outcomes. Thus, we encourage the dialogue and information sharing.

With a focus on the patient experience, fueled by innovation and an underlying purpose to shift the focus on prevention and wellness, we intended to celebrate our mission.  While Covid-19 is delaying our celebration, our mission to create a healthier community has never been more relevant.  Dr. Kevin Witte adds, “We’re committed to building a team and culture to provide the highest quality, most accessible, and the most up to date musculoskeletal healthcare in the region.”

Grady Cason, COO of Sano Orthopedics, shares, “We want to change the lens of focus from high-cost and non-sustainable episodic care, to a focus on prevention, wellness and the musculoskeletal health of populations.”

Dr. Matt Daggett shares, “We believe that healthcare should be about everyone in our community obtaining optimal health. We look forward to sharing different services in the future as we aim to achieve that goal.”

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Sources: BoneandJointBurden.org; Hingehealth.com, CMS.gov

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