2021: A Year in Review

2021 proved to be a year of growth for Sano Orthopedics. While our mission drives our growth, this past year has been a wild ride. We want to take a moment to recap the past year and thank our dedicated team for making it possible.

2021 recap post of MAO joining Sano

Mid-America Orthopedics KC joins Sano

The biggest news and growth happened on November 1st with the addition of Mid-America Orthopedics KC. With a shared interest in bringing better musculoskeletal care to patients, Sano found the physicians of MAO-KC to be the right partners for growth. A complimentary vision and service lines have made Sano better.

New Orthopedic Surgeons and Physicians

This summer, we welcomed Dr. Matt Cullen, Sports Medicine Surgeon, and Dr. Alexander Palmer, Hand Surgeon, to our team. The addition of these physicians allowed us to expand to the Belton / Grandview area.

With the addition of MAO-KC, Sano added Dr. Chris Eckland, Dr. Michael Dempewolf, Dr. Kelly Own, and Dr. Jeff Colyer to our team.

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Dr. Chris Eckland

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Dr. Kelly Own

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Dr. Michael Dempewolf

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Dr. Alex Palmer

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Dr. Matt Cullen

Dr Colyer

Dr. Jeff Colyer

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New Office Locations: Grandview, Leawood, Paola

With the addition of team members, we have been able to improve access to care throughout the south KC metro. Our intention is to deliver the right care when needed, and so we have looked at office locations as a key player in this effort.

New Service Lines: Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Athletic Training Residency

Sano believes providing the right type of care is critical to keeping our community healthy. Conservative therapies, like Physical Therapy, play a large role in returning patients to their health. Additionally, it is a cost-effective treatment to help patients reduce pain and get healthy. We now have physical therapy services available in our Leawood and Paola clinics. We look forward to expanding their capabilities in 2022.

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions reported, and for which health care visits to physicians’ offices, emergency departments, and hospitals occur each year*Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, sometimes known as “PM&R” or physiatry, is a medical specialty that aims to enhance and restore functional ability, decrease pain, and improve the quality of life. We believe physiatry is the right specialty to help many suffering from back and neck pain.

We formed our Athletic Training residency this year, and our first resident started in August. Our mission with this residency program is to provide the Athletic Trainer Resident with a comprehensive educational program aiming to advance the skills necessary for an athletic trainer to be successful in the orthopedic physician practice setting.

Sano events

We hosted our first blood drive in September! We had staff and the community come out to donate 38 pints of blood. Since each pint of blood can help 3 patients, our blood drive helped 114 patients. We plan to repeat the drive in the spring.

We also hosted our second annual SANOLYMPICS. This competitive but friendly team-building event gave our staff a chance to connect, compete and collaborate. It’s our type of staff meeting!

Same Mission: Improve the delivery of MSK care

Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders are amongst the most common and most costly health conditions. Healthcare is complex (in case you haven’t heard). It has been made more so by the increasing administrative burden, decreasing payments, various barriers to care, and the erosion of the doctor-patient relationship.  

As a private practice, we must continue to innovate with a focus on the patient experience and outcomes. We believe providing the right care in the right setting at the right time will lead to more health in our community. 

The future of better healthcare will be advanced by the speed at which we can pivot, adopt new solutions, and integrate with existing solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing and increasingly complex healthcare market. We are up for the challenge and excited for 2022.

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work,” Sister Mary Lauretta.

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