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Sano Orthopedics Sports Medicine Physicians and staff are committed to providing sports medicine services to our local athletic communities. In collaboration with F.I.T. Muscle and Joint, Sano is excited to be the official sports medicine partner for Rockhurst University Athletics.

Sano Orthopedics provides a full range of sports injury services, including surgical and non-surgical treatments. Rockhurst student-athletes will receive injury care and management with direct access to our physicians and other sports medicine experts. In addition, our sports medicine doctors will keep close contact with school athletic trainers and F.I.T. physical therapists, ensuring student-athletes receive consistent care and easy access to appointments.

“We are excited about the partnership with F.I.T. Muscle and Joint and Sano Orthopedics. This is a great opportunity for our Rockhurst University athletes to get top-notch health care and access to comprehensive services,” says Kristy Bayer, Director of Athletics at Rockhurst University.

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Sano Sports Medicine

Sano Orthopedics provides various sports medicine services to athletic organizations and associations in the community. From local high school athletes to weekend warriors, Sano cares for our athletes at every level, and every athlete receives the same level of care.

Sports medicine has evolved to include a greater focus on injury prevention, research-based outcomes, and regenerative medicine. Our board-certified & fellowship-trained sports medicine experts are at the forefront of modern advancements and technologies in treating sports-related injuries.

Dr. Dagget sports medicine surgeon

Meet Dr. Daggett

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Physician for Rockhurst University

Dr. Matt Daggett is a sports medicine trained orthopedic surgeon.  He specializes in treating sports-related conditions and procedures, such as ACL and knee ligament injuries, rotator cuff and shoulder conditions, and sports-related fractures.

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