What’s new in ACL Treatments?

Why is the ACL so Important?

Knee injuries and knee pain are common and yet the knee itself is complex. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the primary stabilizer in the knee. It is a strong ligament, that allows you to pivot, twist, and turn.
When the ACL is injured, it’s not usually a straightforward fix.  This is because other injuries are usually sustained to the knee along with the ACL. Other injuries typically include injuries to MCL, meniscus, Anterolateral Ligament, and cartilage.

What’s new in treating ACL injuries?

The good news for athletes is a lot of innovation is occurring in knee surgical techniques. With surgeons’ constant pursuit to reduce the reinjury rate and increase return to sport, much research and effort have been devoted to ACL injuries.

ACL Repair vs Reconstruction.

As technology and advancements in medicine occur, new solutions can overcome past challenges, as in the case with ACL repair. With a partially torn ACL, an ACL repair becomes an option in which a very strong suture device is used to repair the native ACL and restore knee stability. Learn More.

ACL reconstruction with Platelet-Rich Plasma injections.

Many surgeons are starting to use PRP injections as an adjunct in surgery to jump-start the body’s healing process. Using PRP within surgery provides growth factors to stimulate regeneration. Learn More.

ACL with Anterolateral Ligament Repair.

Anterolateral Ligament (ALL), often defined as a “new” ligament in the knee, is showing to play a role in knee stability and helping to control tibial internal rotation. Early clinical results of repairing the ALL during ACL surgery have led to a lower re-rupture rate than repairing the ACL alone. Learn More.

5 Thing to know about ACL injuries

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