Non-Surgical Injection Treatments

Orthopedic injections are a conservative treatment method for many experiencing chronic pain. These in-office procedures alleviate pain and keep you moving.

Injections: Conservative Treatment Options

Surgery is not necessarily the first or only option to relieve pain. Conservative treatments start as treatment options depending on the injury, level of pain, and patient history. These include Physical Therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, ice, and avoiding certain activities may be a part of treatment.

Cortisone Injections


Called Corticosteroids and Steroid Injections, Cortisone Injections are a type of steroid that is injected into the irritated or injured area to reduce inflammation. Patients experiencing chronic pain in their shoulder, hip and knee may benefit from cortisone injections. These injections may postpone surgery or provide relief for patients to participate in physical therapy treatment.

These injections provide relief for 3 to 6 months and can be repeated no more than 4 times year. Sometimes it takes several weeks for the injections to provide relief.

The effectiveness and safety of the injections depends on the diagnosis, location, and frequency.



Visco is a highly purified sodium hyaluronate that acts like a lubricate and shock absorber when injected into the joints. This gel-like fluid may improve movement and reduce pain. Patients experiencing pain from knee osteoarthritis consider visco in their roadmap to wellness.

These injections are also called Gel Injections, Joint-Fluid Therapy, Hyaluronic injections, or Hyaluronan injections. Similar to Cortisicoide Steroids, viscosupplementation may take several weeks to notice pain relief. Visco injections can be repeated every 6 months.

Biologic Injections

In outlining a treatment path for our patients, we create custom care plans that best address individual needs and quality of life goals. At Sano Orthopedics, we have 3 different biologic injection treatment options available for our patients. Biologic injections work by stimulating cell growth to heal the tissue. Regenerative medicine continues to grow in interest. Depending on the patients, these biologic injections can be a great treatment option.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP Therapy utilizes a patient’s own blood to stimulate a healing reaction within a damaged joint or tissue.
Because of the growth factors in platelets, platelet-rich plasma injections can aid the healing process and promote healing.

Typically, patients see pain relief after one injection, but multiple injections may be necessary depending on the individual and injury. PRP injections treat chronic pain and/or injuries of the muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, cartilage, and more. Conditions such as tennis elbow, Achilles pain, patella tendonitis and generalized arthritis have demonstrated successful reduction in pain with an injection of PRP.

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Amnion Injection


Amnion injections utilize the natural growth factors and collagens in dehydrated human amnion/chorion membranes. The growth factors in placental membranes have been proven to reduce inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation and enhance healing. Placental tissue allograft is composed of the amnion and chorion layers of the amniotic sac and is delivered as an injection.

Unlike PRP, which requires us to draw blood, Amnion kits are ready for injection. This offers many of the same benefits as PRP.

Side Effects & Risks

A few side effects exist for each procedure. The injection site may be tender and red for a short period. Patients should rest and allow time for recovery. Infection and allergic reactions are possible risks for injection therapy. For biologic therapy, oral and topical anti-inflammatory medication may need to be stopped for 1 week before and 2 weeks after therapy. Results vary by individual. Most injections provide temporary relief and may need to be repeated. Not all services are covered by insurance; check with your health insurance policy to determine coverage.

Individualized Treatment

We know that it cause anxiety to start the treatment process. With many unknowns, we want to help you feel comfortable and confident in your recovery journey.  For many, injections can help many patients feel like themselves again.

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