Georgie Gonzalez

Family Nurse Practitioner

Georgie Gonzalez, nurse practitioner at Sano Orthopedics

Georgie Gonzalez, MSN, RNFA, FNP-BC 

Georgie Gonzalez graduated with her Master’s from Walden University in Minneapolis, MN. She completed an APP fellowship in Plastics, including hands, at St. Luke’s Health System – Kansas City. 

Georgie grew up in southern Missouri and spent 3 years in the Air Force Reserves. She has spent many years in the operating room treating trauma injuries. Georgie states, “I love plastics because of the wide variety of procedures, the patient needs, and teaching aspects. Much like every other specialty in medicine, plastics are always evolving and growing.”

Georgie works alongside Dr. Jeff Colyer in clinic and surgery.

Sano Orthopedics Advanced Practice Providers have experience in treating orthopedic injuries and pain.  They are typically paired with one of our orthopedic surgeons to help manage consistency of care. They work either in clinic and/or surgery to provide quality care for our patients.


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