Patient Experience: Needle Arthroscopy

Needle Arthroscopy offers many benefits to patients.  We asked our patients about their surgery and recovery.  Watch the video to hear what they had to say!

Benefits include:

  • Faster recovery out of surgery. Without general anesthesia, patients don’t wake up groggy. Instead, patients walk out of their procedure within minutes after surgery is completed.
  • No incisions.  
  • Since it is less invasive, patients have not needed prescription opioid medication following surgery.
  • As patients are becoming more informed and engaged in their treatment path, the patient experience has been like no other. 
  • Faster recovery to their daily activities and sports.  

Dr. Matt Daggett has been an early adopter to Needle Arthroscopy. He is leading this technique innovation through research and tracking outcomes. He is also helping educate other physicians on how to utilize this newer technique.  


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Comparing the traditional arthroscopy tools to nano arthroscopy tools

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