Combined Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction

Dr. Daggett’s Technique

Our technique for combined anterior cruciate ligament and anterolateral ligament reconstruction has been published! With re-rupture rates after ACL reconstruction ranging from 10-30% in young, pivoting athletes and return to play rates reaching only 60-70%, the anterolateral ligament (ALL) may be the missing link to improved results.

In the first clinical results published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, combined ACL+ALL reconstruction resulted in significantly improved results, with only one athlete out of 92 suffering a re-rupture. This published article is a description of the combined ACL/ALL reconstruction technique.

With increased interest in the ALL, this combined ACL/ALL reconstruction technique provides a tool for orthopedic surgeons to reduce re-rupture in athletes when indicated.

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