Smaller incisions, no general anesthesia, less down time

Dr. Alexander Palmer and Sano Orthopedics introduce In-Office Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery. With smaller incisions and without the need for general anesthesia, patients experience less pain and recover faster from surgery performed in the office. Using ultrasound-guided minimally invasive technology and techniques, patients receive immediate relief without the typical 6 weeks of recovery.

“The future of in-office surgery is now. We should be pushing medicine in the direction of greater access, ease of treatment, and high-value care; in-office surgery does all of those things,” states Dr. Palmer.

About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when one of the major nerves in the hand, called the median nerve, is squeezed or compressed as it travels through the wrist. It is one of the most common causes of hand pain and numbness in adults. It impacts 3 to 6 percent of the US adult population, with a much higher incidence in females.

Key symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can include numbness in the hands/fingers, tingling and pain in the hand, pain up the arm, and pain all the way up the arm. Symptoms can come and go, they may be more common at night, and they tend to get worse over time.

Dr Palmer performing carpal tunnel

Introducing In-Office Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

The surgical procedure performed for carpal tunnel syndrome is called carpal tunnel release. The goal is to relieve pressure on the median nerve by cutting the ligament that forms the roof of the tunnel. This increases the size of the tunnel and decreases pressure on the median nerve.

Technological advancements have made it possible to perform many medical procedures safely in an office-based setting, including carpal tunnel release. Minimally invasive surgery, like in-office carpal tunnel release, uses smaller surgical incisions, and it’s generally less risky than traditional surgery since general anesthesia is not used. Dr. Alexander Palmer with Sano Orthopedics is happy to introduce this option to our patients. “My favorite thing about in-office procedures is the convenience and ease it provides people. It takes out a lot of the inefficiencies in the traditional surgical process to create greater access and a better overall experience.”

Advancements in Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the Office Setting

A physical exam and review of symptoms can indicate if a patient is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Electromyography and nerve conduction studies have traditionally been the basis for carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis. MRIs can also assist in diagnosis. As of recently, specialty ultrasounds can also help diagnosis.

Dr. Palmer uses ultrasound to assist in diagnosing carpal tunnel. This can be within the same visit, reducing the need for an extra referral and time associated with additional testing.

Benefits of In-Office Carpal Tunnel Release

 As an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand care, he has treated a full range of patients experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel. 

Dr. Palmer is happy to now offer carpal tunnel release as an in-office procedure, as many patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome avoid the needed surgical intervention because of the lengthy recovery.

In addition to the faster recovery, patients prefer the in-office procedure because general anesthesia isn’t used. Patients also prefer the office setting over a hospital or surgery center. This makes the procedure compared to a dental procedure that is done in the dentist’s office.

Complimentary Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Screenings

Dr. Alexander Palmer is offering free patient education and carpal tunnel syndrome exams. Once available, updated dates will be listed on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Appointment slots will be limited and available to the first patients to reserve an appointment.

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Meet Dr. Alexander Palmer

Orthopedic Hand Specialist

Dr. Alexander Palmer, a fellowship-trained orthopedic hand surgeon, performs in-office carpal tunnel release at Sano Orthopedics. Because in-office procedures lead to a faster recovery with reduced risks, he believes in-office procedures are the future of orthopedics.

In-Office Trigger Finger Release

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