Orthopedic Tips for a Healthy New Year

The new year bring ambitions for getting healthy. We want to help you achieve your new year resolutions. The Sano Orthopedic Provider team has some tips to keep you on the right track for improving your health and preventing injuries along the way.

Remember nutrition.

Dr. Stephanie de Vere reminds patients that eating right is an important part of weight loss.  Especially when pain limits activity, we know many people can feel hopeless about losing weight. “Exercise is important but people shouldn’t feel like weight loss is impossible without being able to exercise,” says Dr. de Vere.  Nutrition plays an important role in  losing and maintaining weight.

Start Small.  

New to “health” or maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve tried out the exercise thing. Jenna Batchelder, PA, reminds patients to “start small” as a little change can go a long way and lead to long term habits.

Join a Gym.

Join a local gym. Many gyms offer specials this time of year. Better yet, join with a friend. You’re more likely to stick to an exercise program when you join with someone. In this study, only 76% of those who started a weight loss program alone completed it compared to 95% who started with friends.  Sarah Comegys, PA, suggests joining a gym with an indoor pool. “Walking in pool water is a great way to get both cardiovascular exercise and strengthen [as you move against the water without injuring or jarring hips and knees]. Most gyms have recumbent bikes, which are great for heart and joint health.”

Choose consistency over intensity.

Dr. Matt Daggett points out that consistency will play a larger role in long-term health.  Pick an activity you like, whether that be walking, dancing, hiking, playing soccer or whatever fits your lifestyle.  “Movement is medicine” and being active has many health benefits now  and later in life.

Strengthen your hip and core to prevent hip injuries.

Dr. Tim Roberts reminds patients that proper stretching and conditioning are helpful in preventing hip injuries like labral tears and pulled hamstrings. Strengthening your core can also help support hip and spine alignment.

Drink up.

Water, that is. Drinking more water is associated with both better weight management and joint health. Drinking water leads to overall reduced calorie intake when compared to drinking sweetened beverages. It also results in greater fat oxidation because it doesn’t trigger insulin release, Madison Schlenger, PA, says.  Maintain healthy levels of hydration with eight 8oz glasses a day.

Protect your shoulders.

We have already been hit with several inches of snow in KC this winter. Dr. Adnan Saithna advises people to protect shoulders during snow shoveling, “warm up prior to shoveling, push snow rather than lift, take breaks if shoveling a large amount.” We hope this tip isn’t too relevant this winter, but handing it out just in case:)

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.

– Sano Orthopedics

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